About Us

What is the Alavanca Systems story and why choose us to provide IT services, consulting, and cybersecurity management for your accounting firm?

Want to Know More About the Alavanca Systems
Accounting IT Services Story and Team?

Alavanca began with Ciro Cetrangolo, an IT specialist with over 30+ years in the IT services industry. Ciro’s career began at the age of 15, when his mom drove him to his first client. That client remained a client for over 25 years, a testament to the value and quality of work.

After exiting his successful and highly awarded IT Company and in discussions with many accounting professionals, he realized that there was a gap in the market for an IT Services firm specifically geared to the IT issues faced by accounting firms.

Because Ciro had worked with many CPAs in the past, he has a deep understanding of the software, workflow, and underlying technology of accounting organizations and was confident that he could provide CPAs with the secure, stable, and streamlined IT environments they need to accomplish their work more effectively.

Alavanca Systems — What’s in a Name?

Alavanca is a Portuguese word that means “leverage.” As a lifelong student of the martial arts, including jujitsu, the concept of leverage is a key cornerstone. Leverage is a concept that’s so simple to comprehend, yet it can take a lifetime to master the subtle things necessary to take advantage of its full potential power. The same is true with technology.

All accounting firms understand they need to utilize technology to remain competitive, but few firms actually utilize technology to its full potential. Leveraging the right technology to its full potential can help you grow and get more out of your accounting firm. That’s exactly what Alavanca Systems provides for our CPA clients – the knowledge and experience to leverage technology to support your ongoing success and growth.

By implementing IT services and cybersecurity management within your IT environment, we provide you, your accountants, and your support staff the ability to leverage your computers, cloud assets, data, and applications without worries about technology outages, slowdowns, or security problems.

What IT Services Does Alavanca Systems Provide to
Accounting Firms in Chicagoland?


IT Consulting


Managed IT Services


Help Desk Services


Cybersecurity Management


Cloud Consulting & Services


Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

Why Work With Alavanca Systems?

We have laser-like focus on the IT support needs of accounting firms.
We have the accounting technology experience needed to provide you with customized service.
We provide easily budgeted transparent billing.
We care about you and about solving the IT issues that are holding your team back.

What Are the Alavanca Systems Core Values?

Do Right by People —

Act with integrity and honesty

Treat People Well —

Treat prospects, clients and vendors with kindness

Help People Understand —

Use IT knowledge to educate clients, not to intimidate them

Enable People to Succeed —

Go the extra mile to ensure that clients get what they need to operate securely and effectively

What Are the Benefits of Working With Alavanca Systems?

One Point of Contact for Any IT Related Question or Issue

Predictable, Stable IT Support Budgeting

Executive-level Consulting for Pro-Growth Decisions Impacted by IT

Near-Zero Downtime

Security Management and Monitoring for Data and Workflow

Mobile Workflow that is Secured and Data that is Accessible

Integrations and Automation that Streamline Internal Processes

Don’t Let Your Technology Issues Hold You Back!