How are Accounting, Tax, and Financial Firms leveraging Virtual Desktops to MANAGE, SECURE, and GROW their firms?

Until the dynamic work environment shifts of 2020, many accounting firms were reluctant to move their workflow into a cloud environment. There were many reasons for their choice, among which was a reluctance to change and a public view that the cloud was somehow less secure than keeping your processes and data in-house.

But, things change and Chicagoland accounting firms are now moving to hosted desktop solutions by the hundreds.


Because they need seamless work-from-home solutions, and they need a way to secure their now geo-diverse workflow and data.

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What Are Hosted Desktops?

Hosted Desktops or cloud-based workspaces are not a new service. Forward-leaning companies have been moving to cloud-based workspaces for some time now.
In a hosted desktop setup, all of the applications, data, and computing is housed and accomplished within the cloud.

The company requires no in-house servers or powerful computers. Each person working in the accounting firm uses a laptop, tablet, or “thin client” (basically an internet-connected monitor, keyboard, and mouse) to access their computer desktop, applications, operating system, data, and personal settings.

From a user perspective, using a hosted desktop or cloud-based workstation is faster (because there is no boot-up or computing time required) and as intuitive as using their in-house computer system.

Are Hosted Desktops Secure?

Keeping your data on in-house servers is kind of like keeping gold and silver coins under your bed. Sure, you can keep an eye on them, but if someone comes in looking for them, they’re going to find them.

The datacenters used by Alavanca Systems to host our clients’ workflow and data are the same datacenters that are used by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Because of this, our datacenters have to be constantly kept up to spec on cybersecurity and compliance concerns.

We set up accounting firms to access their cloud-based workstations through a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel, so data in transit is invisible to your internet service provider and anyone else who doesn’t have the authorization to view the data.

The Advantages of Hosted Desktops for Accounting Firms


Near-zero downtime


Cost efficiency


Licensing included


Updates included


Simple provisioning of work-from-home employees


Easy-to-budget, predictable monthly payments


No up-front capital expenditures


Freedom to access your workflow and data from anywhere


Nearly unlimited computing power

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Why Choose the Alavanca Team to Set Up, Host, and Maintain Your Cloud-based Workspaces?

From the very beginning, Alavanca has focused on meeting the IT needs of Chicagoland accounting firms. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the IT-supported internal processes of CPA firms.

Our team will consult with you to determine where cloud-based workspaces would work most effectively into your processes and transition you to those workspaces with little to no interruption to your ongoing projects.

Once we set up your team on their new hosted desktop solution, our job is not complete. We’re with you every step of the way. Answering questions, handling any troubleshooting issues, and ensuring function and security.

Want to know more about hosted desktops? We’d be happy to have that no-obligation conversation with you.

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