What IT security assets and protocols need to be in place to fortify your accounting organization against hacks, ransomware, and malware?

Why Are CPA Firms Gravitating Toward the Cybersecurity Managed Security Service Provider like Alavanca Systems?

Leaders of accounting organizations large and small are all too aware of the heavy responsibility of using and housing client data. Those progressive leaders keeping close tabs on IRS alerts for accounting organizations will recall the recent IRS alert bulletin warning CPAs of the new wave of cybercrime targeting accounting firms.

But it’s not just the hackers, ransomware, and malware that has accounting organizations like yours considering a managed security service provider like Alavanca.

Because the IRS has determined Accounting firms to be financial institutions, they fall under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act and must comply with the FTC Safeguards Rule. Second only to data/workflow protection, legislative compliance (avoiding penalties and litigation) is the driving factor in the minds of CPA firm leaders when it comes to cybersecurity considerations.

Have concerns about the vulnerability of your accounting data or workflow? The Alavanca Systems team would be happy to have a no-obligation conversation with you about your IT security posture.

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What is Cybersecurity Management?

Cybersecurity management is the continuous, comprehensive protection of in-house, cloud, and mobile data/workflow, protecting an accounting firm while doing business online. Under a cybersecurity management agreement, the IT security team undertakes a multi-layered strategic approach to the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the CPA firm’s cybersecurity and legislative compliance posture

What IT Security Assets and Protocols Should Be Included in a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Management Package?

Because every accounting organization has a unique IT footprint, every cybersecurity management strategy must be customized to the individual firm’s IT environment. Having said that, these are the common cybersecurity solutions and protocols that are most often leveraged to provide security for the firm and client data.


Automatic, Encrypted, Verified Data Backups


Firewall Implementation, Configuration, & Management


Antivirus Implementation, Configuration, & Management


Mobile Device Security Management


Endpoint Security


WiFi Security


Business Continuity Protocols


Operating System Updates, Upgrades, & Patches


Application Updates, Upgrades, & Patches


Single Sign-On


Network Security


Network Cybersecurity/Compliance Audits


Encrypted Email


Double Authentication Protocol


Role-based Access Protocols


Email Spam Protection


DNS Filtering


Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What Steps Does Alavanca Systems Take to Bring an Accounting Organization’s IT Environment in Line with Current Managed Security Services for accounting firms?

When you contact the leading Managed Security Service Provider in the region about a cybersecurity management engagement, we’ll follow up with:



Get to know you, your business, and your unique cybersecurity challenges and requirements including conducting a cybersecurity survey of the in-house, mobile, and cloud-based IT assets of the firm.



Develop a proposal outlining the gaps and vulnerabilities found in the cybersecurity
survey, how they should be remediated, and how we propose to upgrade the cybersecurity defenses.

Execute the Plan

Performing the immediate Remediation of any gaps and vulnerabilities. Perform the ongoing tasks necessary to protect you, your firm, and your client’s data, and your good

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Why Trust Alavanca Systems?

Alavanca Systems is led by Ciro Cetrangolo, a 30+ year veteran of the IT industry, who has, over the years, acquired specialization in managed security services protecting the IT assets, data, and workflow of accounting firms. We leverage only enterprise-grade IT security hardware, software, and protocols for our clients, and we leave nothing to chance. All elements of your in-house and mobile IT environment are taken into consideration and are continuously monitored for any anomalies. Most issues are resolved before they are even noticed by the end-user, and all IT security issues are treated as a high priority for our team and brought to a quick resolution.

Don’t Let Your Technology Issues Hold You Back!

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