How To Attract Top Talent To Your Accounting & Finance Firm

How To Attract Top Talent To Your Accounting & Finance Firm

Presented by Michele Anderson

00:25 Ciro Cetrangolo: A survey of our participants and our attendees, and this is one of the most asked for topics. So we searched far and wide to find one of the best presenters and the most experienced on this topic and bring you timely and relevant information that you can directly put to work for you. So it is my pleasure to introduce Michele Anderson from Insperity. Michele is the supervisor of recruiting services, overseeing client recruitment with the accounting and finance, C-suite, engineering, sales and marketing, administrative, light industrial and especially accounting and finance people. She’s been up in Insperity about seven years, but brings over 12 years of leadership experience to the table and started her recruiting career, interestingly enough in the accounting and finance space. But found herself tackling C-suite and other difficult executive level searches as well.

 01:20 CC: So Michele was promoted to supervisor last year, allowing her to motivate and inspire others to deliver on Insperity’s mission and value. So I’m gonna turn it over to Michele with just a couple of quick housekeeping reminders. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them into the Q and A chat box down at the bottom, and I will go ahead and buffer those questions to Michele. As always, we make the full presentation available to you afterwards with the slide deck as well. So if you have any questions, we’ll be emailing that stuff out to you and how to access that stuff after the seminar. So Michele, you can go ahead and bring up your screen and we’ll make sure… And we’ll get started. Perfect.

 02:16 Michele Anderson: Fantastic. Well, welcome all of you to this recruitment in accounting and finance, and really we’re gonna go through some important aspects of just general recruiting strategy as well, so if accounting and finance isn’t necessarily the market space or the segment that you’re in, no worries, we are going to absolutely dive into general recruitment strategy. Before we get started, I just really want to set the stage in regards to what we’re facing from a talent aspect. In 2019, we were facing things like record employment, growing businesses, a strong candidate driven market, extreme competitiveness, competing offers taking place and wages were rising. That same story played out in early 2020, and then as we’re all very familiar with, in March, things changed up a bit when COVID emerged here in the States.

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