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IT Consulting Services for
Accounting/Tax Firms

Does your accounting firm have the high-level IT expertise needed to support your growth and continued success? IT consulting services help
you make IT decisions that drive ROI.

Why Do Accounting Firms Turn to Alavanca Systems
for IT Consulting Services?

CPAs lean on the IT specialists of Alavanca Systems for IT consulting because they want to make
decisions that will result in greater security, stability, and efficiency for their IT-dependent workflows. In this digital economy, nearly every decision that an accounting firm makes is impacted by either the cost or the capability of technology. Our IT consultants help you sort through the pros and cons and bring confidence and clarity to those decisions.

What Kind of Decisions Do Our IT Consultants Help
Accounting Firms Navigate?


What hardware or software should we choose?


What do we need to secure our data AND be able to securely access it on our mobile devices?


What communications and collaboration system would work best for our team?


We’re considering work-from-home employees or satellite offices, what will it take to provision them with remote access?


How do we stay protected from ransomware and hacking?


We’re thinking about moving to a new facility, adding to our existing space, or renovating, what’s that going to mean for our network, phone system, and Wi-Fi?


How close are our computers and IT assets to end-of-life?


How do we connect different systems so we can eliminate redundant manual data input?


What should we be budgeting for new computers, other technology assets, and IT support for next year?

Alavanca Systems IT consultants field these questions and more in our ongoing engagements with our
clients. But it’s not just the big questions of business that our IT consultants are here to answer. It’s in answering the smaller, daily questions of your employees (as they call in or send us an email) that we prove our worth. In answering the day-to-day questions of staff, we help them stay on task and enable
them to be more effective with their time.

What is the Benefit of Having an IT Consultant on Your Side That Understands Accounting Workflow?

By partnering with Alavanca Systems for IT consulting services, Accounting firms have access to C-suite IT professionals. When an accounting firm hires a CIO internally, the costs are significant. Salary, benefits, sick time, personal days, and vacation time all add up. Because Alavanca Systems incorporates high-level IT consulting within the services that you pay for each month, the high level strategic IT advice you need to grow your firm, doesn’t cost your organization any additional money.

In addition to the financial advantage of having an outsourced Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO),
there are several other significant benefits:

More accurate IT budgeting
Greater insight into the health and function of your IT systems
Higher levels of protection around your internal processes and client data
Lower unplanned downtime
The ability to take advantage of current industry best practices
The outside perspective of business and technology trends in a wide range of businesses and

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