Are you using your valuable time doing endless updates, upgrades, and patches on your IT systems? It’s time to offload your IT work to a Managed IT Services Provider.

What is Managed IT Support Services for Accounting Firms?

Managed IT Services is an IT support model in which an accounting firm contracts an IT services firm to provide comprehensive, continuous care for their IT systems. This IT support model stands in stark contrast to the hours-plus-materials model that is dependent upon your IT systems having issues before a technician is dispatched. In the Managed IT Support Services scenario, technicians are constantly working behind the scenes to secure, stabilize, and streamline your IT systems. It is in the best interest of the Managed IT Services provider for accounting firms to keep their systems running flawlessly.

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What is Included in the Alavanca Systems Managed IT Services Offering?

Managed IT Services is not an individual service, but instead a range of IT services that are grouped together to give an accounting firm the IT maintenance, management, monitoring, and cybersecurity needed to work without distraction and worry.

Because each Accounting firm is unique and has specific IT requirements that need a customized approach, each Managed IT Services agreement is different. However, there are some IT services that are more commonly included within the monthly subscription agreement.


Updates, Upgrades, and Patching


Cybersecurity and IT Operational Monitoring


IT Maintenance


IT Consulting


Help Desk Services


Automated Secure Data Backup


Business Continuity Services


Cybersecurity Management

While these are the most commonly included services in Managed IT Support Services agreements, there are dozens of other IT services that can be included, depending on the situation and your specific needs.

What Does Managed IT Services Cost?

Because every Accounting firm is at a different stage of operational maturity and has a unique IT footprint, it’s impossible to give specific numbers on a website. However, we don’t hide our pricing. We’d be happy to assess your systems and suggest a package and price that would work for your organization.

Here are some promises we make to you regarding the price of our Managed IT Services.

No Surprises

You’ll never get a surprise IT repair bill.



We will always provide transparency in our billing processes.


Stable Payment

You will have a stable monthly payment that will include all the IT support your organization requires.

What are the Advantages of Managed IT Services from Alavanca Systems?


All your technology issues cared for by an outsourced team of IT professionals


Real-time answers to your IT questions or troubleshooting requests


Protection from online dangers by industry-leading cybersecurity best practices


Confidence that your data is encrypted, backed up, and verified


Help with the IT side of compliance management


Near-zero IT downtime to maximize workflow and efficiency


Easily-budgeted, comprehensive monthly IT support payments


Advice for the IT side of your pro-growth agenda and objectives

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Don’t Let Your Technology Issues Hold You Back!

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