Serving Companies Referred to Us by Our Accounting Clients

IT Services for business associates of our accounting clients

Is Your Chicagoland Business Looking for High-level IT Consulting and IT Services? Let’s Talk.

Although accounting firms make up the vast majority of our clients, from time to time, we do make anexception.

Why? Because our CPA clients refer business leaders to us, and we want to honor their confidence and trust in our services.

Accounting IT is one of the most data-dense, security-conscious IT environments in the market today. Because Alavanca Systems has the experience, skillset, and expertise to handle the high-demand IT necessities of accounting, we also have the capacity to handle the IT requirements of other IT
environments. A few of the companies that we have or are now serving are:

Legal Firms

Financial Institutions

Manufacturing Firms

Logistics & Distribution Centers

Marketing Firms

Architectural Firms

Real Estate Agencies

Insurance Firms

Each of these industries has a unique workflow, but they all have several things in common.


They have zero tolerance for unplanned downtime.


They have data that must be protected by high-impact cybersecurity protocols.


They have industry standard or legislative compliance requirements that they must meet.


They have questions and needs surrounding cloud computing and mobile workflow.

What IT Services Does Alavanca Systems Offer to Chicagoland Companies?


IT Consulting

Providing the same IT advice as an internal C-suite IT executive

Managed IT Services

Keeping systems running through a holistic approach to IT support

Cybersecurity Management

Ensuring that in-house, mobile, and cloud-based workflows and databases are locked down


Data Backup & Business Continuity

Protecting data and internal processes from the impact of natural disaster, human error, or criminal activity

What is the Alavanca Systems Process for Potential Clients?

Alavanca is a no-nonsense type of organization. We pride ourselves on getting to the point and laying
out the facts in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. Why? Because we want you to have clarity concerning the state of your IT systems, your options for next steps, and what our team can do to help you toward a stable, secure, and streamlined IT environment.

The onboarding process for potential/new clients usually goes according to the following pattern.

Initial Meeting

In this talk with you, we discuss what pain points you want to see addressed and discuss what you want your IT systems to do for you.

IT Systems Assessment

In this discovery process, we examine the function and security of your IT systems and compare the data we acquire to industry standards and best practices.


Once we have our assessment data in hand, we have the ability to present you with a plan to remediate any functionality or security issues and to provide ongoing IT support and cybersecurity management.


After you have made a choice regarding the options within our proposal, we get to work fixing those things within your IT environment that were identified during the assessment stage to bring your IT systems up to par.

Ongoing IT Management

Using our full range of IT services, we provide continuous,
comprehensive IT support and security packaged within an all-inclusive, stable monthly payment structure.

Don’t Let Your Technology Issues Hold You Back!