Is Your Accounting Firm Prepared to Fight Off Hackers, Spyware, and Ransomware?

Cybersecurity Guide for Accounting Firms

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The Essential Cybersecurity Guide for Accounting Firms

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Find out what you need to know to protect your firm and your clients’ confidential data.

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Leading a Culture of Cybersecurity

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Finding Your Organization’s Vulnerabilities

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Discovering the Elements of a Comprehensive IT Security Strategy

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Keeping Your Data Secure and Available

Leverage Decades of Accounting-specific Cybersecurity Experience

The Essential Cybersecurity Guide for Accounting Firms

Table of Contents

A book designed to bring value and greater security to your accounting firm.
Section #1 – Leading an Accounting Firm to a Higher Level of Cybersecurity
Section #2 – The IT Strategies Needed to Secure an Accounting Firm
Section #3 – How a Business Continuity Plan Fits into a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy for Accounting Firms
Section #4 – How to Choose a Cybersecurity Partner to Secure Your Data and Workflow
Section #5 – How Does Leveraging a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy Help You Operate and Serve Clients More Effectively in Day-to-Day Operations?
Section #6 – What Are the Action Steps to Implementing a Cybersecurity Strategy?
Section #7 – What Technology Training Should Accounting Firms Be Considering?
Section #8 – How Does Cybersecurity Training and Testing for CPAs and Administrative Staff Work?
Section #9 – Data Backups – What You Need to Know

What accounting and tax firms want from an IT consultant is no-nonsense help in keeping computers working, eliminating IT related down time, reducing risk and protecting clients’ data. That’s what Alavanca Systems delivers.

John Kornacker

CPA, JDK Limited

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The Essential Cybersecurity Guide for Accounting Firms

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About the Author

Ciro Cetrangolo

Ciro Cetrangolo is an IT specialist with over 30+ years in the IT services industry. Ciro has a deep understanding of the software, workflow, and underlying technology of accounting organizations and helps firms like yours achieve the secure, stable, and streamlined IT environments you need to accomplish your work more effectively.